Tasha Mikhaylevskaya

Tasha MikhaylevskayaLegal Assistant

Meet Tasha

Born in Russia and fluent in Russian, Tasha worked with the John A. Tosney law group for a little over two years before joining The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman. Her main interest is working with Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Coming from a large family, she understands the struggles of getting by on very little, and she enjoys helping clients through difficult financial circumstances.

At The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman, Tasha handles administrative work and customer relations, building rapport with clients and trustees. She focuses on ensuring our clients feel as comfortable as possible during stressful financial situations, and she promptly and efficiently gets clients the answers they need.

Tasha enjoys music, and in her free time she attends local concerts. She also loves to travel, having visited Jamaica and Russia, as well as Hawaii and other places in the United States. Tasha also admits she has a shoe obsession!

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