In debt and need a solution? Allow us to settle your debts for much less than you owe.

In today’s tough economy, it doesn’t take much for a small financial problem to become an overwhelming debt crisis. Payments, fees, penalties, and interest resulting from credit cards, medical bills, loans, and judgments can seem like obstacles too large to overcome. People often try to work through their debts, paying far too much in the process. If you are behind on your debt payments and don’t have an attorney protecting you, the time to act is now. The debt settlement attorneys at The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman can help establish an affordable debt settlement solution.

Debt settlement is a difficult process. Your creditors have teams of attorneys working to get as much money from you as possible. Don’t let them have the upper hand. The debt settlement attorneys at The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman are expert and aggressive negotiators, and we won’t let your creditors dictate the terms of your settlement. For a free debt analysis with one of our attorneys, call today and get the protection you need at 800-385-2821.

What you need to know about debt settlement

Debt settlement is a powerful and affordable tool to get you out of debt. Our attorneys will negotiate aggressively with your creditors to ensure you pay only pennies on the dollar. As we are a bankruptcy firm, creditors know we can help you pay nothing, so we have the upper hand in negotiations. We can work with you to settle credit card debt, unsecured lines of credit, unsecured loans, collection accounts, auto loans, medical bills, mortgages, and judgments. Our debt settlement attorneys work individually with each client to determine which path is right for him or her. We’ll go over all your options with you, including debt settlement, bankruptcy, negotiations, and consolidation. Don’t wait until it’s too late; your solution is waiting for you. Contact The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman and let us help you start living debt free today.