We can stop wage garnishments immediately. Don’t let your creditors take what’s rightfully yours.

Are you being threatened with wage garnishment? Is money being taken from your paychecks right now? Many Californians think that because a wage garnishment is legal, there is nothing they can do to stop it. This simply isn’t true. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman can stop wage garnishments within days, and we’re ready to save your check!

We know that debt is stressful and that the last thing you need is more harassment from creditors threatening to take money from you and your family. We know how to stop wage garnishments through negotiations, bankruptcy, and state court lawsuit defenses. Creditors will not stop garnishing your check unless you put a stop to it. Contact us today at 800-385-2821 to find the best option for you and regain your full paycheck.

How our attorneys stop wage garnishment

Wage garnishment is demoralizing, and it can prevent you from paying your bills. If money is being taken from your paycheck, forcing you to experience financial hardship, our experts at The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman can stop wage garnishment immediately. Here are some solutions:

Stop wage garnishment with bankruptcy

By filing for bankruptcy, a federal protection called an “automatic stay” is put on all collections actions, meaning you can live without the uncertainty and stress of wage garnishment. Once the bankruptcy is filed, we will notify the sheriff, who will then notify your payroll to stop the garnishment immediately. We have even filed emergency bankruptcies in one day in order to save your next paycheck.

Stop wage garnishment through negotiations

If bankruptcy is not right for you or you are not eligible, we can negotiate with your creditor to allow you to pay less or nothing at all. By showing financial hardship or negotiating a more reasonable monthly payment, we can make sure you only pay what you can afford. A garnishment of 25% of your check sometimes means you can’t afford to pay for the necessities in life; we make sure this won’t happen to you.

Lawsuit defense can stop wage garnishment

The lawsuit that led to your ultimate wage garnishment could have errors. For example, you may have been served with the court document incorrectly. An error on the creditor’s behalf allows us to reverse the lawsuit and stop your wage garnishment.

Don’t let your creditors take advantage of you and take the money you need to survive. We will put a stop to it right now and keep your paycheck where it belongs: in your bank account.