You can buy a home after bankruptcy. Allow us to make it happen.

After the economic downturn, many California families lost their homes and businesses, and many had to file for bankruptcy. Our firm specializes in eliminating people’s financial problems so they can start rebuilding their financial health. There is one question we receive more than any other: After the dust settles, how long will it be until I can obtain a mortgage after bankruptcy? With credit-rebuilding programs designed to help rehabilitate our clients’ financial strength, we are able to get our clients back on their feet and into new homes in as little as two years after bankruptcy. Let us help make your life after bankruptcy a great one! contact us today for a free mortgage and credit consultation at 800-385-2821.

What you need to know about life after bankruptcy

Obtaining a mortgage after bankruptcy is impossible unless you take the necessary steps to build your credit and financial wellbeing. Our attorneys are experts in the fields of debt, bankruptcy, credit, and real estate, and, unlike many law firms, we continue working for you even after your bankruptcy is complete. We will help you with three key factors that will allow you to obtain a mortgage after bankruptcy: your budget, credit health, and patience.

Your budget

Your ability to buy a house with a mortgage is going to be dependent on affordability. We ensure your debts are eliminated or being paid off so that when you are able to take out a mortgage, you will be able to afford it. Your budget has to show you can afford the projected monthly mortgage payment to get you through the prequalification process. We will also help put you on a savings plan so you can afford the required down payment. Our mortgage attorneys are always looking out for new programs that allow you to put little money down, but all programs will require at least some down payment.

Credit health

Our credit repair and rehabilitation team will make sure you have cleared everything on your credit report and will start working with the credit reporting agencies to increase your score. We create a strategy to put you on the fastest possible route to building new credit and a beneficial credit history. Your credit score has a large affect on your mortgage eligibility; therefore, we immediately start the credit-rebuilding process. With good credit, you can obtain low interest rates and could be eligible for better mortgage programs.

Buying a home and receiving a mortgage after bankruptcy is something we are helping our clients do right now. You do not have to let bankruptcy hold you back for years. With the right steps taken right now, you can start the road to home ownership.