Considering a short sale? You must first make sure you understand the risks and alternatives.

When times get tough and you are falling behind on mortgage payments, you may start looking into a short sale. Although there are helpful California short sale laws to protect you, in many cases there can be large unexpected liabilities after a short sale is approved. Our short sale attorneys will not only evaluate any possible liability that could be caused by a short sale, we will also look at any short sale alternatives that may better suit your needs. If you want to be able to resolve your mortgage problems effectively and with the best-fit solution, our attorneys can help. At The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman, we specialize in helping clients with underwater properties, and we will leave no stone unturned when looking into your options. contact us today for a free real estate analysis and learn for certain whether a short sale is right for you.

What you need to know about short sales

If you’re considering a short sale in California, contact The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman today and determine your eligibility and potential liability. It’s important to know that there are laws in place in California to protect you during a short sale, but you may still be liable for taxes after the sale has been finalized. Our skilled short sale attorneys can help you make sure short sale is your best option. Because there are strong alternatives to short sale—such as bankruptcy and loan modification—it is important to explore the ways by which you may be able to keep your house at the right price. Short sale may be the best option, and if so it is also imperative to allow one of our experienced attorneys to evaluate your liability before completing the short sale. Tax liability, for example, can be eliminated with bankruptcy before the short sale is complete, and this type of planning could save you thousands. We urge you to get the legal information needed to make an informed decision.

Short sale may be the best option for you, and we can help facilitate the process. Banks are not easy to work with, but with our experienced short sale attorneys, we are able to negotiate aggressively on your behalf. Even if the banks are going to foreclose tomorrow—or if they just aren’t working with you—we have solutions to stop them in their tracks. Bankruptcy, lawsuits, and other tools to stop foreclosure can buy you the necessary time to complete a successful short sale. Looking for a real estate agent to list the house? We have strong relationships with real estate professionals who know the short sale process and work often and efficiently with our office. Whether you are just starting to consider short sale or looking for help to fight off foreclosure, we can help. Don’t go down the path to foreclosure without knowing all your options. Contact us today.