Have you received a notice of default from the bank? Our attorneys know how to stop foreclosure—immediately.

We will find a best-fit solution adapted to your current financial needs and future prospects.

We know that “walking away” from your property sounds like the fast and easy way out of your foreclosure, but in most cases this is not your best option. Your house is likely the largest investment you will ever make, and we want to help you fight to stay in it. Don’t let your residence or investment be taken by the banks or short sold by a real estate agent. You owe it to yourself to let our California real estate attorneys show you how to avoid foreclosure, fight the banks, and keep your property with its rightful owner: you. If you are ready to talk with a representative right now, contact us or call 800-385-2821 to explore how to stop foreclosure.

Stop foreclosure with a loan modification

Our loan modification attorneys can force the bank to extend the term or lower the interest rate and principle of your loan, making your payments affordable. Our aggressive attorneys will threaten banks with lawsuits or bankruptcy to ensure loan modifications are successful, even if you’ve been denied before.

Stop foreclosure by filing for bankruptcy

File for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to lower your debt and stay in your house for another three to six months. In that time, our attorneys will create a financial plan to save your assets and help you become debt free.

File for Chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy and force the banks to accept lower payments you can afford. That’s right: You’ll be dictating the terms to the banks!

Stop foreclosure to avoid liabilities

Before walking away from a home, you should talk to an experienced California real estate attorney to ensure you will not be liable for your home loans and taxes due to foreclosure. After a foreclosure, you can owe tens of thousands of dollars in taxes, and mortgage holders can sue you for money owed. Our California real estate attorneys can come up with a plan through bankruptcy, bank negotiations, or short sale to ensure you won’t owe a dime.

As a California property owner, you have rights. Contact The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman today for a free, no-obligation financial analysis. You need a real estate attorney with the resources and knowledge to defend your rights and build the best foreclosure defense. We know how to avoid foreclosure. Call us now at 800-385-2821 and let us help you save your property.