Are you under the burden of debt and being threatened by collections? It’s time we put a stop to it!

Creditors and collections agencies can be ruthless, and you might think there is no way to stop their harassment and intimidation. Without the money to pay all your debts, you may be wondering what your options are. We know that debt solutions are not one size fits all, so we’ll find the least expensive and best-fit solution for you. The debt solutions attorneys at The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman have the experience and resources to fight creditors and collections on your behalf and put your financial life back in order.

Our debt solutions attorneys will use the law to stop wage garnishment, negotiate a debt settlement, and defend against debt collections lawsuits to start you on a clean financial slate. Once you’re debt free, we will work with you to start quickly repairing your credit. We know that each of our clients’ needs are unique, so we’ll sit down with you for a free, no-obligation financial analysis to determine the best course for you. Contact us today and know what it is to live stress free again.

How to Stop Wage Garnishment

Stop or reduce your wage garnishment immediately. We can save your paycheck and eliminate your debt. Learn More

Debt collection lawsuit defense

Fight creditor lawsuits and ensure they will not collect from you. Don’t let your creditors win. We can protect you.Learn More

Debt settlement attorneys

Settle your debts for pennies on the dollar. Whether for personal or business debt, our attorneys will make a settlement you can afford.Learn More

Credit Repair Attorney

Start repairing your credit score today. A credit card, new home, or car is within reach, and we’ll show you how.Learn More