Our Attorneys and Support Staff

Gabe Liberman

Prior to taking over Hughes Financial Law, Gabe began his legal career as a paralegal with Hughes back 2010 while attending Lincoln Law School. As a paralegal, Gabe primarily focused on Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases, estate planning and corporate formations. In 2015, Gabe became an associate attorney with the firm and continued his original focuses and eventually took over in 2016 when Mr. Hughes retired from practicing bankruptcy law.
Judy Whitman

Having passed the bar in 1982, Judy has amassed decades of legal experience, forming the firm Diemer and Whitman before moving to The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman in 2011.
Courtney Pearson

Courtney began working in the legal field in 2008 while pursuing a degree in nursing. At The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman, she oversees daily operations and supervises our support staff.
Jim Moore

Bringing over twenty years of legal experience to his role at The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman, Jim enjoys consulting with new clients and helping them understand the bankruptcy process.
Brittany Robinson

Brittany Robinson