Our Attorneys

Anthony Hughes

Throughout his career as an attorney, Anthony has helped more than five thousand California residents and businesses, and he strives to achieve best results for each client.
Judy Whitman

Having passed the bar in 1982, Judy has amassed decades of legal experience, forming the firm Diemer and Whitman before moving to Hughes Financial Law in 2011.
Gabe Liberman

Gabe has been working for Hughes Financial Law since his time at Lincoln Law School. He supports clients through the preparation of key financial and estate planning documents.
Jennifer Payton

Jennifer has worked in the legal industry for twelve years. Handling all loan settlement cases for Hughes Financial Law, she enjoys helping people achieve their financial goals.
Tasha Mikhaylevskaya

Born in Russia, Tasha worked with John Tosney before moving to Hughes Financial Law. She handles administrative work and enjoys working personally with clients.
Courtney Pearson

Courtney began working in the legal field in 2008 while pursuing a degree in nursing. At Hughes Financial Law, she oversees daily operations and supervises our support staff.
Peter J. Stevenson

With a background in customer service, Peter joined Hughes Financial Law during the financial crisis. As client development manager, he enjoys going the extra mile for each client.
Aaron ESQ.

Bringing over twenty years of legal experience to his role at Hughes Financial Law, Jim enjoys consulting with new clients and helping them understand the bankruptcy process.