Having a hard time paying your mortgage? We can help you stay in your home.

Our loan modifications attorneys are experts at negotiating with the banks and getting the best results. Don’t let the bank force you out onto the street; let us help you fight back! We are so confident in our ability to obtain a loan modification on your behalf that we don’t charge a single dollar unless we are successful.

While most attorneys and real estate professionals will advise you to simply “walk away” or give up by choosing a short sale or foreclosure, we are doing just the opposite. With changes in California law, our loan modification attorneys are effectively negotiating lower mortgage payments and keeping California families in their homes. To learn how a loan modification can lower your mortgage payments and to see whether you are eligible under new California laws, contact our loan modification attorneys at The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman for a free, no-obligation mortgage analysis. We understand how difficult it can be to keep up payments when things get tough, and we want to help you, so contact us today, and let’s start fighting back!

Why do you need a loan modification attorney to help?

Although the laws have changed in your favor, it is very difficult to work with the banks, and, quite frankly, they do everything in their power to deny and delay loan modifications. This means your eligibility and paperwork have to be perfect. Our loan modification attorneys are able to put together the perfect strategy to ensure the best results.

Along with knowing exactly what a bank is looking for in order to make you eligible, our attorneys are also able to put on added pressure to negotiate the best terms on your modified loan. If the bank won’t work with us, we make it clear we will sue them for any wrongdoing or take your mortgage through bankruptcy court in order to force them to cooperate.

What if a loan modification is denied?

Sometimes the bank takes a hardline approach and, because of eligibility requirements, will deny the application for loan modification. Our firm doesn’t take no for an answer, and in most cases we will find a way to continue fighting to keep you in your home. We will use the following legal tools when needed to fight against foreclosure and work towards a successful loan modification:

  1. Bankruptcy
  2. State court lawsuit
  3. Loan modification appeal

With the added pressure from our law firm, the bank will cooperate to negotiate new terms.

What does a successful loan modification look like?

All loan modifications are different, and each is dependent upon multiple factors, but in general there are three ways a loan modification can help you:

  1. Principal reduction – You owe less on your home, lowering your monthly payments
  2. Interest rate reduction – You lower the amount you pay the bank each month
  3. Payment forgiveness – Any payments you may have missed are forgiven

We are experts in loan modification, and we will negotiate aggressively with the bank to make your payments as low as possible. Let our experienced attorneys start working to keep you in your home.

contact us today for your free, no-obligation mortgage analysis. You can fight the banks, and we’re here to make sure you win.