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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Help With Debt: What to Look Out For

When seeking help with debt, whether personal or business related, there are many organizations and groups peddling their services. Some are legitimate, others less than so. Before choosing a pathway out of debt, it is imperative to fully understand the options you have.

Credit Counseling: In California it is REQUIRED that all clients take part in credit counseling prior to filing for bankruptcy. Credit counseling is designed to help with debt and teach clients way in which they can better manage their finances in the future. There are two sessions which must be completed separately: debtor education and credit counseling. While many organizations advertise “credit counseling,” not all of these are approved by the department of justice. Be sure to check with legal counsel before choosing a credit counseling organization. These agencies are permitted to charge fees for their services, but be sure the fees are all listed up front and agreed upon prior to any counseling sessions taking place. A reasonable fee is defined as roughly $50, though this can vary as well depending on the operating costs of the agency and the ability of the client to pay. Sessions typically last 60 minutes, though this too will vary based on the needs and circumstances of the client. Finally, it is important to understand when seeking help with debt that credit counseling will not necessarily have any affect on your credit score. Many companies advertise credit report cleanup, but any such claim is dubious at best. Seek legal advise before paying for services such as these. Consult with a debt solutions attorney to see how help with debt can come in the form of credit counseling.

Debt Consolidation: Debt consolidation is simply taking on a […]

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Debt Help: Where Can You Turn?

There are any number of places you can turn to for debt help regardless of the amount of debt you or your business is liable for. Some of these are legitimate, others are predatory and to be avoided.

Before you debt gets out of hand there are preemptive steps you can take prior to entering into a contract with creditors. Even if you have only limited to moderate debt it is still important to organize your finances in a way that makes the most sense for you. Do not engage yourself in any financial agreements without first understanding fully the terms of the agreement and their potential consequences for the future of your family or business. Furthermore, you can means test yourself. Simply account for your current income and expenses, take out an additional percentage for incidentals and unforeseen expenses, and estimate whether you can afford to take on any added debt. If the answer to this inquiry is yes, simply determine how much debt your are capable of/comfortable with taking on. Do not allow a salesman to pressure you in to a contract that is not right for you.

However, even with the most careful planning once such an agreement has been made – whether it be concerning a credit card, car loan, or mortgage – your fortunes can change rapidly. It does not require much imagination to recall the events of 2008 and the way in which responsible individuals, families, and businesses were plunged into debt thanks to the negligence of a few bad actors. In times such as these trustworthy and useful debt help can be hard to come by. There are bad actors who are out to profit off of the misfortunes […]

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Debt: The Final Financial Frontier

Debt is not in and of itself something to avoid. We all have debts, both financial and personal, some owed us, some we owe others. As you likely already know, limited amounts of debt can actually be a healthy part of a financial portfolio. Just try to buy a car or rent an apartment without having already responsibly taken on debt. However, too much debt can adversely affect all aspects of your finances.

As the amount you owe increases, interest payments grow and the terms of newer debts taken on are often less and less favorable, adding to the already overwhelming pressures of financial instability. Something as small as a missed credit card payment can quickly compound itself. People in debt know this basic truth: it is far more stressful and expensive to live with excessive debt. While this sounds like it is all doom and gloom, there are solutions that are both affordable and fully within your reach. Bankruptcy Attorneys in Sacramento and across the state can help you determine the best course to get out from under your unsustainable debt with the tools at their disposal.

Whether your debts are personal or business related, The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman has the experience and resources necessary to ensure your financial difficulties are remedied. Whether you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney, a real estate attorney, or a debt solutions attorney in California, The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman is here to serve you. We believe that a financially viable community is a more vibrant community, and we are working toward building one with you, our clients.

If you have been worried about making payments on debts owed, or if you are receiving […]

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