Reach out for a helping hand

There are any number of places you can turn to for debt help regardless of the amount of debt you or your business is liable for. Some of these are legitimate, others are predatory and to be avoided.

Before you debt gets out of hand there are preemptive steps you can take prior to entering into a contract with creditors. Even if you have only limited to moderate debt it is still important to organize your finances in a way that makes the most sense for you. Do not engage yourself in any financial agreements without first understanding fully the terms of the agreement and their potential consequences for the future of your family or business. Furthermore, you can means test yourself. Simply account for your current income and expenses, take out an additional percentage for incidentals and unforeseen expenses, and estimate whether you can afford to take on any added debt. If the answer to this inquiry is yes, simply determine how much debt your are capable of/comfortable with taking on. Do not allow a salesman to pressure you in to a contract that is not right for you.

However, even with the most careful planning once such an agreement has been made – whether it be concerning a credit card, car loan, or mortgage – your fortunes can change rapidly. It does not require much imagination to recall the events of 2008 and the way in which responsible individuals, families, and businesses were plunged into debt thanks to the negligence of a few bad actors. In times such as these trustworthy and useful debt help can be hard to come by. There are bad actors who are out to profit off of the misfortunes of others.

Look out for organizations or businesses who promise things that seem genuinely too good to be true. For example, your credit report and score can only be altered in two ways: by the diligence and responsible management of your finances, and through the dispute and correction of legitimate errors on your credit report (which are not uncommon; more on that in a future blog post). If a company or individual promises to wipe your credit report clean for a fee, you are about to be had. In situations like these it is advisable to reach out for debt help from professionals like those at .

Our team of lawyers and professionals have decades of combined experience and are capable of giving appropriate and effective debt help when their clients are in need. Here at HFL we have helped well over 5000 clients through bankruptcy in California, loan modification to create more manageable monthly payments, short sale of underwater property, and myriad other legal avenues.

Debt help may seem confusing and impenetrable at times. was founded with this in mind and we want to make the process of righting your financial ship . Do not hesitate another day and fall farther behind. Debt help is here, so reach out today and take a helping hand.