bankruptcy law firmWe have been hard at work protecting our clients’ assets and ensuring their financial wellbeing. Over the last few years our client base has continued to grow while that of others firms has shrunk. We continue to blaze new trails in bankruptcy law, increasing the effectiveness of bankruptcy petitions filed by The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman. In short, we have been building our firm to be the most effective and efficient bankruptcy law firm in Northern California. Now, as a result of the patronage paid by our clients, we are the largest bankruptcy law firm in Northern California. Here’s what that means for you:

We have locations all over Northern California. From here in Sacramento, to the San Joaquin Valley, to the Bay Area and many cities in between. You can see all of our locations here. This means that meeting with our experts for a free consultation costs you less time and money. No matter where in Northern California you are, our bankruptcy law firm has a location near you.

Additionally, there is power in numbers. Over the years of service to our community we have built relationships with community leaders, attorneys, trustees, and judges. Our reputation for professionalism and relationships help us get your petition through confidently and quickly. Meaning your chances of a successful bankruptcy petition are higher.

Finally, being the biggest bankruptcy law firm in Northern California means we have specific knowledge of the issues and struggles facing the communities we serve. We do not observe the consequences of the economic downturn from afar. Our bankruptcy attorneys have seen the damage financial ruin causes, and that is why we are dedicated to working tirelessly to earn you the fresh start you deserve.

If you are struggling with debt, or if you simply want to know how our firm can help to improve your finances, contact us today for a free two hour case evaluation and get you and your family back on track.