bankruptcy attorneys are helpingCitrus Heights, like many communities throughout California, is on a slow but persistent path toward recovery. Foreclosures and other bank initiated collections activities are declining. All this is good news for our clients and other individuals, families, and businesses who have been struggling through the years since the financial meltdown of 2007/2008. However, for many the economic recovery has been tempered at best, and for some it hasn’t come at all.

According to the US Census Bureau the average yearly income for Citrus Heights residents is just over $25,000, which is $4000 less than the California average. Additionally the poverty rate is currently at 12.8% while unemployment is set at 8.4%, which is half a percent higher than California at large. This isn’t meant to get you down, but rather to help lend some context to the financial struggles many of your community members are still attempting to overcome.

All the down news on the economic situation in Citrus Heights really only means one thing: it would benefit those struggling with debt to learn how bankruptcy attorneys are helping people in Citrus Heights, CA. Our firm has been in the business of doing just that for over 5 years, and our certified specialist bankruptcy attorneys helping people in Citrus Heights, CA just like you.

Here at The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman we have become recognized experts in protecting our clients’ assets, rebuffing collectors, and helping those underwater in debt begin to breath freely again. Upon filing a petition for bankruptcy – whether it be chapter 7, chapter 11, or chapter 13 – all collections actions stop. That means our clients remain in their homes, keep the doors of their businesses open, and retain possession of cars, cash, and other assets threatened by bank or lender collection.

Many residents of Citrus Heights are struggling with debt, which leads to falling credit scores and further financial troubles. Our bankruptcy attorneys are helping people rebuild their credit – even while they are in bankruptcy proceedings. Furthermore we offer loan modifications and short sales for jeopardized real estate holdings.

Of course in a more basic sense, our bankruptcy attorneys are helping people in Citrus Heights, CA regain the confidence to live well and prosper from hereon into the future. If you are struggling with unmanageable debt and are in need of legal protection, trust that our bankruptcy attorneys are helping people get a fresh start right now. Contact us today and see how we can help you.