certified bankruptcy specialistFiling for bankruptcy can be complicated, time consuming, and stressful. Those who choose to file for themselves are often bogged down with paperwork, added filings, court dates, and demands made on behalf of judges and/or trustees. Even lesser experienced attorneys have been known to make mistakes that have resulted in the unsuccessful discharge of a bankruptcy petition. This could be the difference between you keeping your house or seeing it foreclosed on by the lender. There are certain firms who stand above the others for their having studied in-depth the process, law, and strategy that inform bankruptcy in Sacramento, CA.

What does it mean to be a certified bankruptcy “specialist?” There are literally dozens of attorneys in the Sacramento area, all of whom refer to themselves as “experts,” “pros,” or “highly qualified.” Only a select few have been awarded the title of certified bankruptcy specialist in Sacramento, CA, and Anthony Hughes is at the forefront of this exclusive group.

To become a certified specialist is to have been certified by the American Board of Certification, “the nation’s premier legal specialty certification organization,” as “specialists in business bankruptcy, consumer bankruptcy and creditors’ rights law.” There are only three certified bankruptcy specialists in Sacramento, CA, and The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman has earned a reputation as the best.

Thanks to our breadth of knowledge in bankruptcy, and especially consumer bankruptcy, our certified bankruptcy specialist is uniquely qualified to represent you, your family, or your business in bankruptcy court. We have broken new ground in bankruptcy law and pioneered new strategies to help discharge debts and safeguard our clients’ assets from repossession, foreclosure, garnishment, or seizure. Whether you end up filing for chapter 7, chapter 11, chapter 13, or another chapter of bankruptcy, you can rest assured we have successfully completed hundreds of petitions in each chapter – all while maintaining affordability and approachability.

Now that you are considering bankruptcy in Sacramento, CA, you deserve a certified bankruptcy specialist. Before the collectors get the upper hand, contact our certified bankruptcy specialist today and schedule a free, no obligation evaluation. Take the first step toward a clean and clear financial future. Your future self will thank you.