Bankruptcy is not right for everyone. We have strong alternatives to solve your debt problems.

There is a wide variety of debt solutions outside of Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The attorneys at California-based The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman know that bankruptcy isn’t always the right solution for an individual, family, or business. That’s why we never try to sell bankruptcy as a solution; instead, we let you know how federal law may or may not work and share all available alternatives with you.

Although bankruptcy is usually the most effective means of dealing with debt problems, we are well versed in bankruptcy alternatives in California. Contact us online, visit one of our offices, or call us at 800-385-2821. We look forward to sitting down with you, coming up with an action plan, and helping you immediately begin building your healthy financial future.

What you need to know about bankruptcy alternatives

Filing for bankruptcy is a serious decision, and while it is often the best option, it’s not something you want to enter into lightly. There are many bankruptcy alternatives in California that you should know about before you make any decisions about how to best resolve your debt issues.

Our highly qualified financial law attorneys at The Law Offices of Gabriel Liberman can educate you about available bankruptcy alternatives in California. We have created every type of debt repayment program to help keep our clients out of bankruptcy court. Each bankruptcy alternative has benefits and drawbacks, but, used wisely, each of them can move you toward financial freedom.

So what are your bankruptcy alternatives?

If you’re struggling with financial issues like credit card debt, taxes, lawsuits, mortgages, foreclosures, wage garnishments, and bank levies, bankruptcy might be the best answer—but bankruptcy alternatives are also available. To know for sure what’s right for you, contact us online, visit one of our offices, or call us at 800-385-2821 to schedule a free, no-obligation financial analysis. We look forward to helping you make the best decision for you and your family.

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