notice of bankruptcyHave you been receiving phone calls from collections companies? Are there tersely-worded letters piling up at your front door? Is your email inbox flooded with offers of cheap and easy help? Have you missed a credit card or mortgage payment? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, there is a legal tool that has helped millions of individuals, families, and businesses correct their troubled finances and begin anew. This tool is bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a complex process, but its advantages warrant pursuing it with a qualified California bankruptcy attorney. Having completed a free consultation, a client will then begin the journey of bankruptcy. Your attorney will take on your creditors on your behalf, easing pressure on you and your family. The primary means by which this happens is the issuance of notices of bankruptcy.

A notice of bankruptcy, or a notice of bankruptcy and stay, is a legal notice sent to all known creditors informing them that any and all collections actions must stop immediately. If the creditor is currently pursuing legal action in court, the debtor/attorney must inform the court of the stay. Your California bankruptcy attorney will ensure these notices are served properly and timely.

You will notice above that a notice of bankruptcy and stay will only be sent to known creditors. This is why it is so important to declare all debts to your bankruptcy attorney before a petition is filed with the bankruptcy court. If a creditor is left out of the petition, there will be no notice of bankruptcy and stay, and collections will continue. Being forthcoming during your free consultation will help your attorney protect your assets regardless of whether you file for chapter 7, chapter 11, or chapter 13.

Overall, a notice of bankruptcy of stay is something only your attorney and your creditors need to worry about. Our expert California bankruptcy attorneys in Sacramento, Stockton, Folsom, Fairfield, Elk Grove, and across the state are experienced in the application of notices of bankruptcy and will ensure all collections stop immediately upon your bankruptcy petition being filed with the court. Do not wait another day to protect your family and/or business. Contact us today and let your creditors know you are taking back control.